B U N N Y ' S W O R L D

All you need is love and a bunny rabbit


Bunny’s World is a project with potential to become one of the most cool-looking art in CNFT space. But what is more important for #CNFT is that our team is going to create something very unique and special.

There will be a total of 3.000 NFTs

Price for public is: 60 ADA
Price for whitelist is: 50 ADA

Public mint: 4 NFTs per tx
Whitelist : 3 NFTs

More information TBA

5% > Royalties will be used to further develop Bunny's World

You can use Shelley-era wallet like Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus and CCVault for minting !
Do not send any ADA from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase etc.

Soon to be announced !



We intend to be one of the projects with the most incredible utility in Cardano

Traits and Metadata

Our first job was to work with the artist and design our traits and how the NFT-s will look like. We also created our Twitter and the Discord server.


We will provide an incredible utility for our Community, soon everything will be revealed with the Whitepaper

Social Marketing

In today's era, Social Marketing is the most important thing for a project to succeed, therefor one of the most important tasks for us is to promote the project via Social Media


Carbon12 | Founder

Carbon12 in real life is chemistry engineer and also a developer, he has 5 years experience on crypto and joined the NFT space in October 2021

Eternus | Admin

Eternus joined the NFT space in December 2021, Carbon12 came to him with an idea to change his life for better, he convinced him to start the development of Bunny's World, during daytime Eternus is selling real estate

LearTime | Artist

LearTime is 2D and 3D artist and also a developer, he is a good friend of Carbon12 and Eternus